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Keeping up with Social is an adventure!

Apart from consistently doing all the key activities we have defined and keeping up with content to be written or shared, we still must make a living!

I know, we hear it all the time from the teams we train and work with, “I don’t have enough time to do Social!”

We face the same challenge ourselves, as a growing and busy organization. How do you make sure to spend the time? It’s not enough to teach and help others do well on Social, if we don’t do it ourselves, how can we be credible? Further how would we develop customers and clients ourselves?

It takes hard work and constant activity, so we all spend at least “2 – 4” hours per day on Social. Much of this is spent helping our clients learn how to get results by “doing” it with them

Getting up on a stage or in front of a white board is just preaching.

If you’re like me, you’ve listened to enough so-called experts. You want to see and understand how actual results are gained! Further, if you are not able to develop a real and detailed plan complete with KPI’s and cadence, well good luck with that!

Spending money on Rah-Rah sessions is not going to get results. It may briefly make you feel like you’ve done something. Certainly, there are many who are glad to take your money, but again, with no results. Social is not just about sales or marketing, it’s both! Further it needs to be integrated across your entire organization. Results come from full integration.

Results take work, not speeches. If you don’t have a “Social” plan as a critical component of your Sales and marketing plan, you need to get one!

“Walking the walk”, takes time, persistence and eventually new skills, but in the end the results will be there in spades. Anyone can talk the talk, but precious few can actually do it.

Just remember, “Those who can, DO. Those who can’t, teach”. (One of our favorite lines). You may have noticed, there are a boatload of teachers!! Not many doers…

Learn to recognize the difference between paying for high priced rah-rah sessions with no follow up, and the programs with real results through hands on training, and “ROI”. You know, from those that actually do the work for a living, like your sales team.

It’s simple, just ask How will your speeches or sessions pay for themselves?