As you might imagine, this is a question we get asked on a regular basis. It gets put to us by all manner of people within an organization, most often by the sales team, but also by the "C" suite. Of course, the main objective of Social Selling is "Leads" and lead generation -- so it's the right question.

When you're successful on social, the biggest challenge is in keeping up with all the activity created and the prospects you are developing. When you first start to get all the pieces in place you will see prospects and activity, but not yet consistently. 

 So, let's break it down to better understand how to ensure success from what we are all doing individually and as sales teams. 

As we know there are many critical steps that need to be taken in order to begin receiving "Inbound" and getting active engagement from our networks.


So the question is, what are they and are they in place now? 

 1) Have you established an effective online social profile and presence / most appropriate social channels for your organization? (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. ) 

- If you are not sure what this looks like, here's a hint.. (Oh yes, a blog within a blog)

 2) Have you developed a solid nucleus of contacts and or followers / chosen channels? 

 - Without this core group of contacts and followers you are still in the build stage. Depending on how early you may be, this is critical to having a network for leads to come through in the first place

 3) Are you practicing a consistent daily cadence of posting content that is original, corporate and or shared from your contacts or network?  

- Not surprisingly if you’re not consistent, your results won’t be either!

 4) Are you practicing a consistent daily cadence of engaging with all those in your broader network who are liking, sharing and commenting on your content or that of your contacts-network? 

5) Are you active in conversations and online activities consistent with where your prospects and contacts are also active? 

6) Have you created a targeted prospective account list that you are actively penetrating and engaging? 

7) Are you proactively reaching out to targeted contacts and accounts based on engagement and content based inbound  

8) Are you following your social sales plan (do you have a social sales plan?!!) 

9) Are you recording all the key metrics from your social sales activities 

10) Are you working with your marketing team to help with targeted corporate content 

- If you do not work closely with marketing letting them know what is important to your customers and prospects how will they know? This is not a marketing problem, it’s your problem… 

So this is but a quick list of some of the key baseline social sales activities and metrics that need to be in place before you can expect to start seeing consistent lead generation. 


Once all of this is in place and you have developed a consistent habit of social selling, you will no longer be asking the question! You'll be asking where did all my time go because you'll be that busy!!!!


Just remember, the moment you stop is the very same moment your lead generation stops. The trick is to maintain momentum and the critical activities even when you are at your busiest.

If you have questions on any or all of the items listed, just DM me and we can provide more information.  

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