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Not sure if I am the only one who's noticed but there are a lot of so called "experts" preaching their version of what you need to do with Social Selling and selling in general. This is true of all industries and diciplines of course so I should not be so surprised.


What I find dishearting is that many are clearly not practitioners! These are marketers who have never sold anything in their lives! Just being a great speaker and or having strong content does not make one an expert. 


I remember that old line so well, "Those that can, Do. Those that can't, teach." Seems appropriate here, and an important statement to keep in mind when looking for real results. 


Results do not come from "Rah-Rah" sessions or whiteboard classes. Results happen with one on one coaching & mentoring from experts who actually do what they train others to do. With today's technologies, this can now be accomplished with one on one video sessions as well as role playing and joint sales calls -- but don't kid yourself, the one on one and interactive time spent is still mandatory, we just have more cost efficient ways today. 


Further, all training whether social sales or training your puppy, need to have objectives that need to be met. Not just during the training, but ongoing. Just like a puppy you don't want to make a mess in front of a new prospective customer! Only actual real life practice makes perfect, period. 


There are many great social sales practitioners in the industry who are focused on results and not just the next presentation. It's important to ask when considering any training for your teams how the results will be proven and how they will be maintained afterwards. 


We talk a lot about cadence and setting objectives for a reason, it's not good enough to just wow your audience, it's more important to wow the CFO with real results, I think they call it "Revenue"! 


Change does not happen based on what I call watching fireworks. Real change comes from hard work and persistence along with a plan. For Social Selling we need to create and put in place a "social sales plan", that sales teams begin to follow in order to get real results. While building up your LinkedIn profile and your online presence is a critical step, on their own they will achieve very little. 


It's the day to day consistent engagement with customers, prospects, contacts and your network that will bring you in more leads than you know what to do with. Don't accept short cuts or Rah-rah sessions as the solution to your sales growth. "Talking the talk" is easy, "Walking the walk", is not. The challenge is knowing the difference.

If your considering Social sales training, for your team, ask about how you ensure the ROI, that's where the rubber hits the road!

If you would like more information on what your cadence or social plan could look like, just DM me and we'll send you an example template. 

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