Lion Tamers are Trusted Advisors--Especially Their Alumni  (Number 4 of 4)

This is the last article in the series.  For the first article in this series, please refer to: Professional Accountants Are Natural Social Sellers

Here are reasons 5-7 of the 7 reasons I am so optimistic, CPAs are natural social sellers and are ready to grow new business using #SocialSelling.

CPA Firms have alumni—a salesforce that is a growing network.

Most CPA firms, especially the larger ones, understand the value of their alumni in getting new business. Using #SocialSelling techniques, firms can engage and maintain regular contact with their alumni. Alumni can grow your network rapidly by being a referral source to members of their personal networks. My colleague, @Alexander_Low at Digital Leadership Associates, using the functionality available from the premium edition of LinkedIn, showed how many alumni were on LinkedIn of a CPA firm with whom I am working—IN SECONDS. In a matter of minutes, a CPA can get an introduction to key influencers within target companies if an active approach was being pursued. Otherwise, a connection can be made, the prospect added to one’s network, opening the door for an inbound referral in the future. The power and leverage of growing a CPA firm’s network through alumni is unbelievable!

Social Media, like CPAs, is all about trust

We live in a “post truth” world. Trust and credibility is declining. Civic leaders, politicians, and even business leaders have the same level of trust as a used car salesperson. CPAs are surviving our society’s lurch into the post-modern world.CPAs and social media are a perfect match. Learning the skills of #SocialSelling to grow one’s network are especially efficient, and effective, with the trust level of prospects and clients already high.

CPAs know how to build authority and influence

Authority and influence is key to social selling. Over the years accountants have been given undisputed authority over a wide range of financial subject matter—more so than they deserve. Accountants are the authority on financial statements and tax returns. No one disputes that. However, non-accountants and non-financial people defer authority to accountants on stocks and bond, computers, valuations, investment banking, economics, private equity, venture capital, personal financial planning, etc. Accountants are knowledgeable on these subjects but anything authoritative is due to education, accreditation and experience gained outside of the CPA certification process.

CPAs in public practice are objective and independent. Unlike lawyers, CPAs in public practice cannot be advocates for their clients—they must always act with due care and objectivity. They enjoy a high level of trust as well as a high degree of influence from the business community. In many cases, CPAs enjoy high Net Promoter scores from satisfied clients who often behave like “raving fans”. The point here is that CPAs have authority and build influence in their physical communities. 

Trained and skilled in social selling, CPAs will grow their networks far beyond the physical limits. Digital networks grow organically and quickly.

Social Selling isn’t a technology. It is a mindset. The skills needed to master social selling can be easily learned mastered by CPAs. What’s really exciting for CPAs is social selling allows you to be discovered by prospective clients who are looking for you. You don’t have to use the old, traditional methods of selling that no longer work. The amount of effort you put into social selling is small in comparison to what you would have to do using traditional methods to get similar results. That’s efficiency! Now, imagine the results you’ll get smartly employing social selling techniques and achieving an ROI that is simply amazing.

Those who embrace this early will be rewarded