I have and others have written many articles on Social Selling and how to create inbound sales. There is no doubt that you can generate a pipeline very quickly full of potential business. The Social Selling tool is very effective at generating inbound opportunities. 

One of the biggest issues I find is that once the opportunities have been generated, the actual sale remains to be closed. Yes, even though Social Selling is an effective way to build your pipe, you still need real live sales people to actually close the sale. Sorry, but they won’t close themselves. 

 An effective and “World Class” sales team is still required to finalize the process. 

 Remember, the customer is only 57% of the way through the process when their opportunity comes to light. That leaves you a long way to go. Yes, you have educated them, and shown them that you have the knowledge to lead them the rest of the way through the process, but there is still a lot of work to do.

 Build your sales pipeline through the Social Selling process, but remember you are only part of the way completed. The sale closes when you are face to face and building on the credibility you created previously. Just remember if your product or service is the solution to the customers need; Ask for the order!!!

 Jeff Sanders wrote a great article about sales101. It is a great read for any sales person looking for a professional approach to customer engagement.