Teaching Lion Tamers How to Blog.        (Number 3 of 4)

For the first article in this series, please refer to: https://www.passle.net/editpost/102epno

Blogging is a key discipline in the digital age and CPAs write authentic content and are natural bloggers.  Here is reason 4 of the 7 reasons I am so optimistic, CPAs are natural social sellers and are ready to grow new business using #SocialSelling.

Back in the day (I am being purposely vague), one of the arrows in a CPA firm’s marketing quiver was the newsletter.  Notice I didn’t say monthly newsletter or quarterly newsletter.  We had the best of intentions but seldom pulled it off with clockwork regularity.  Despite our lack of discipline, we managed to write, publish, print and physically mail out a newsletter with reasonable regularity.  Clients loved to get them.  They served a vital purpose in dispelling cognitive dissonance and continuously reinforced the decision on the part of the client to use our firm. 

Then we started getting fancy.  We decided to “automate” the process by using outsourced content so we could devote more time to our day jobs.  The biggest challenge became some administrative person’s job to maintain the mailing list and make sure the labels were correct.  Clients fell out-of-love with these newsletters and they soon hit the trash without being read.

We then went digital and e-mailed our newsletters.  After growing weary of mail-merging outbound e-mails (and/or our domain becoming blacklisted by most of our clients’ email servers) we used “Constant Contact” or similar service.

Finally in Canada in 2004 we got PIPEDA and in 2014 we got CASL and the whole digital marketing thing became rather complicated.  It took significant administrative resources to maintain our “authorized” lists with e-mail addresses from whom we received explicit, positive consent to receive our e-mailings.  

#SocialSelling returns us to the good old days when we wrote original, personal, authentic content that our clients were delighted to receive.  Almost no administration is needed because social networks make it the client’s responsibility to maintain our mailing lists.  And what’s even better, we are no longer interrupting our clients (and prospects), they seek us out and “self-serve” consume our writing.  When we master #SocialSelling, and it doesn’t get much better than this, prospective clients we would unlikely ever come across through our interruption selling activity, seek us out when they use social networks to search for a solution to their problem or need. 

Please look for one more article I will publish over the next few days where I will identify and explain 3 more reasons I am so optimistic, CPAs are natural social sellers and are ready to grow new business using #SocialSelling.