Yes, there could be hope for Lion Tamers.    (Number 2 of 4)

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CPAs both understand and have the skill set to sell through their personal networks.  They understand the power of community and the concept of engaging prospects through growing their network.  Here are 3 of the 7 reasons I am so optimistic, CPAs are natural social sellers and are ready to grow new business using #SocialSelling. 

1. CPAs grasp the concept of Personal Brand

From the first “boot camp” when I was articling to “partner school” when I was in range of making partner, and all points in between—the importance one’s personal brand was drilled into us.  CPAs know personal brand is everything, clients deal with people and people are the ones that ultimately make the decision to consume professional services from a CPA, whether a firm of CPAs or one CPA.   The great news for CPAs is that #SocialSelling can leverage one’s personal brand in ways and on a scale that was never before possible.

2. CPAs get new business from growing their personal networks

If you are (or are becoming) a CPA, networking is the primary way to market your personal brand.  Be involved with your community club, your church, local charities, non-profits, your children’s sports and school activities, your profession’s committees and governance.  Serve on boards of foundations, school divisions, hospitals, civic clubs. Be active in team sports like squash, racquet ball, golf, softball, hockey and other sports. This is drilled into CPAs from the beginning. In the analogue world of the past, the above involved an incredible time commitment and personal presence such that the physical limits of one’s networking are quickly reached.In the digital world of today, growing your personal networks involves time and virtual attendance such that a CPA’s reach can be leveraged by a factor of 10, 100, 1,000 or more.

3. CPAs write articles to market themselves

CPAs know that publishing articles show existing and prospective clients that you know your stuff. Even better is the fact that writing is a discipline that increases your confidence and deepens your knowledge of the subject matter. Therefore, CPAs who have developed this discipline are natural bloggers. Blogging is one of the primary ways of developing your personal brand and growing your network.

Please look for two more articles I will publish over the next few days where I will identify and explain the 4 more reasons I am so optimistic, CPAs are natural social sellers and are ready to grow new business using #SocialSelling.