I have read so many articles on the Sales Process. It amazes me how many of these articles continue to profess the same tactics used 15 years ago and more.

  1. Meet and Greet - How do you do that if vendors are not responding to cold calls, email and cold visits?
  2. Qualify Leads by Asking them Questions - How do you do that if you cannot get an opportunity to talk to them.
  3. Presentation and Demonstration - When and where? You can't get an appointment because they won't talk to you.
  4. Overcome objections - See above
  5. Close - See above

I know I am sounding negative, but in 2018 you have to change your process. Social Selling in now the best and really the only way to grow your revenue. That requires a very different process.

Selling today requires you to use the tools that Social makes available to you. Prospecting today isn't cold calls, emails and drop by visits. It is about doing your homework online and then creating a relationship with the people you are targeting through Social Media sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. People still buy from people, they have just changed the process of how they do that.

This creates the Inbound requests you need to move to the other steps in the Social process:

  •  Connecting / Questioning
  • Researching
  • Product Presentation
  •  Closing
  • Follow Up

Notice how far down the product presentation is in the new process.

Olga Kolodynska wrote a great article on this (link below). If you want to know how to develop a great sales process for 2018, you need to read it.

Get rid of the old selling process, today one minute of time on Social will be worth more than the hours you spend getting rejected by 98% of your target audience.

Some facts about Social and what happens every minute:

  •  Google gets 3.5 million search requests.
  •  452,000 Tweets are sent every minute.
  •  120 LinkedIn accounts are created. They have over 500 million.
  •  16 Million text messages are sent
  •  Facebook has 900,000 logins
  •  Snapchat has 1.8 million snaps created
  • Etc.

Can you really afford to avoid Social? It seems very compelling to me.