So what's new Richard, building relationships has always been about building sales. People have and always will buy from people.

That is true, but if you have tried to build a sales relationship today, it has become more difficult than ever. People just don't want to answer cold calls, reply to invasive emails or open their door to a drop by sales person.

To get to your prospect today requires just as much work as in the past, but the hours now need to be spent working the social selling network lines. Becoming the knowledge expert that will garner you new customers means that you have to write informative articles and posts about your industry (not about your product or service). You need to go where your customers are and also need to understand them and their needs as opposed to blatantly use a megaphone to sell your product.

I read an article recently by Cristina Newberry that was a wonderful summary of the process. It is a simple and informative read to understand how to navigate the new selling waters of the 21st century way of selling.

Ignore social selling at your own and your company's peril.