If you have been in sales prior to extensive internet usage, you understand that relationships is what selling is all about. People have and always will buy from people.

The challenge today is that getting in front of the decision maker(s) is far more difficult that ever. The pace and challenges of business today are forcing us to use alternative methods to manage our time and source potential vendors.

Phones that constantly ring with cold calls go unanswered. Email blasts that tote the best and newest products or services fall into junk mail. Just try and get past the gatekeeper for a personal visit.

If you want to grow you business revenue today, stay relevant to your current customers and grow your customer base, you need to embrace the world of Social Selling. I speak with so many business people that have "Fake Perceptions" about the internet and selling. Things like: it takes too much time; people will use it for personal use; it's just a place for people to post bad things about companies; etc.

There are also the enlightened ones: we get the highest percentage of our new customers through our online activities; we have established ourselves as the go to educators in our industry using Social; Social Selling have given us the opportunity to build relationships with existing and new customers and opened the door to more face to face meetings; etc.

There it is; building relationships and establishing trust. 

Reading a recent article by Monica Zant, she stresses the importance of building relationships through the process of Social Selling. The art of selling hasn't changed. The process of how we sell has changed with the internet. 

Today a compelling online profile (personal and corporate) are requisite, along with joining groups, posting articles and blogs, etc. Yes it takes time, yes it requires discipline, and yes trust in your people. That is why you hired them in the first place isn't it?

Don't accept the "Fake Perception" that your competition aren't doing it. They likely are, you just haven't looked to see if they are active. Don't wait be the first in your industry space and lead, do it now.